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Acquiring & Retaining Customers

Creating an always on, multi-channel demand engine is necessary to acquire, retain and grow your customers. This requires building on the foundation of customer insights and continually optimizing performance.

Meaningful Customer Engagement
The experience economy means you must have meaningful customer engagement at every stage of their journey. In order to accomplish this you have to understand what they need and the experience they demand.
Harnessing the Power of AI

Artificial intelligence is a new tool for marketing, sales and customer success departments, but many are still unsure how to use them effectively. Using AI to glean insights from your data and create compelling and contextual content can be a catalyst for business growth.

Maximizing the Value of Your Data & Technology

Data is the foundation of marketing, sales and customer success while your technology is there to enable your strategy. Getting the most value from your technology while maximizing the insights you get from your data are keys to unlocking your growth potential.

Demonstrating Growth & Optimizing Performance

You need to be able to clearly articulate the return on your investments in marketing, sales and customize success. You also need to continually optimize your growth performance to ensure it can be sustained.

Aligning Marketing, Sales & Customer Success

Unless marketing, sales and customer success align with a common view of the customer, there will be a weak link in the growth value chain.

Digital Exhaust Services

All services have one thing in common – we are data driven and AI enabled. This means we are able to derive insights quickly, and deliver services with one thing in mind, the growth of your business.


Growth Maturity Blueprint

Adapt growth plans to suit your business’s unique characteristics. Our Growth Maturity Blueprint utilizes our Growth Maturity Index™ to thoroughly assess your current growth stage, identifying areas for improvement and strengths. We then provide a detailed, prioritized roadmap to guide your organizational growth journey.

Our Growth Maturity Blueprint focuses on the following areas:

  • Positioning, messaging, and content
  • Full lifecycle customer engagement 
  • Marketing, sales, and customer support processes 
  • Digital systems and integrations
  • Data & analytics
  • KPIs and organizational growth metrics 

Growth Advisory Services

Effective growth demands experienced leadership, yet the financial commitment to full-time leadership can be a hurdle for many organizations. Leveraging our extensive 70 years of combined experience, we provide strategic guidance to our clients in developing a sustainable path for long-term growth. When the appropriate moment arises, we actively support the process of identifying and onboarding a qualified full-time replacement for seamless leadership transition.

  • One-on-one sessions or team sessions 
  • Workshops designed to improve team member’s skill sets 
  • Unlimited access to Digital Exhaust’s Growth Frameworks
  • Full Customer Lifecycle
  • Sales and Partner Enablement

B2B Growth Marketing Services

For any organization, marketing should serve as a consistent driver of sustainable growth. The performance of marketing plays a crucial role in achieving both short and long-term growth objectives. Our comprehensive suite of B2B marketing services is designed to guarantee that our clients’ investments in marketing translate into profitable business growth. Beyond providing strategic insights, we actively collaborate with our clients to implement these strategies.

  • Customer lifecycle marketing strategies
  • Customer acquisition program development 
  • Go-to-market strategies 
  • Martech and data services 
  • Partner marketing

Customer Success & Service

The significant aspect of a customer’s lifetime value, a whopping 90%, unfolds after their initial purchase. It underscores the importance of organizations fostering meaningful engagement at every step of the customer journey. Collaborating closely with our clients, we specialize in crafting and executing programs that provide memorable experiences and effectively transform customers into enthusiastic brand advocates.

  • Customer experience strategy design 
  • Customer journey mapping 
  • Customer retention and expansion programs 
  • Loyalty programs

Custom AI/ML Growth Services

AI, especially Machine Learning, revolutionizes B2B marketing by swiftly analyzing extensive datasets. This yields precise insights, offering a strategic advantage in identifying and optimizing growth opportunities. From predicting customer behavior to refining marketing strategies, Machine Learning ensures informed decision-making, propelling targeted and effective B2B growth. It’s not just a technological leap but a strategic move toward unlocking untapped potentials for sustained business expansion.

  • Smart customer segmentation
  • ICP look-alike modeling
  • Next-best offer
  • Content personalization
  • Next-best action

Data as a Service

Unlock the growth potential of your customer data, an invaluable asset often underutilized. Our Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) empowers clients to harness their data fully. This service ensures clean data, insightful analytics, precise audience segmentation, hyper-personalized messaging, and reliable message deliverability. Explore the possibilities with our comprehensive DaaS offering.

  • Data governance & hygiene 
  • Email deliverability analysis and remediation 
  • IP monitoring 
  • Data segmentation and customer propensity clustering 
  • Data modeling and analysis 
  • Customer personalization

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