Growth Begins with the Right Foundation

Creating sustained growth is like constructing a building – you start at the bottom and work your way toward the sky. Although there are no shortcuts, we can show you the way.

Don’t let the getting started stop you.

Growth Maturity Index™

Take a minute with this interactive page to understand the factors barring you from hitting your growth stride. What is your level of growth maturity?

Level 1


Lack of brand message connection to employees.

Undocumented ideal customer personas.

No view of end-to-end customer journey.

Organizational and data silos.

Engagement is vendor-focused, not customer-centric.

Low Value

Level 2


Awareness of customer experience strategy.

Cognizant of need to educate employees on the brand promise.

Idea of ideal customer profiles – not documented.

Limited view into parts of the customer journey – limited to no documentation.

Conscious of organizational and data challenges.

Value Creation

Level 3

Awareness of CX beyond acquisition (brand, buying experience).

Ad hoc education of brand promise to employees.

Documented ideal customer profiles.

Defined, but not complete, view into multiple stages of the customer journey.

Beginning to address organizational and data challenges.

Value Creation

Level 4

Top down mandate on customer experience.

Employees are enabled and equipped on corporate brand promise.

Documented ideal customer profiles on every customer interaction.

Defined view of end-to-end customer journey.

Customer-driven organization planned – customer intelligence data fueling engagement strategy.

Value Expansion

Level 5


Documented customer experience strategy across all departments and every customer interaction.

All employees enabled, equipped and empowered to deliver customer experience based on brand promise.

Dynamic ideal customer profiles and insights.

Dynamic customer journey/orchestration.

Common KPIs to measure organizational impact of customer experience and incentives in place.

Using CX as a product i.e., competitive differentiator.

Value Expansion

Six GMI Success Elements

Hover over each success element to reveal its context.

Represent Your Value

Positioning, Messaging & Content

Engage with Relevance

Buyer & Customer Engagement

Deliver Seamlessly

Sales & Marketing Process

Automate + Personalize

Digital Systems + Data Integration

Optimize Delivery

Customer Data + Business Insights

Align Strategically

KPIs & Performance Management

Full Customer Lifecycle

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