Beyond GPT: Navigating the Problem of Content Glut

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Generative AI and Content Glut

As a marketing professional, I can attest to the disruption caused by the increasing use of generative AI like ChatGPT in creating content and then pushing it out into the world. While AI-generated content has the potential to streamline content creation and make it faster and more efficient, it also opens the doors to a content glut that inundates the market with varying degrees of quality and correctness.

This content glut can overwhelm B2B organizations that rely on information gathering to support their decision-making process. With so much content flooding the market, it becomes more challenging to sift through and identify the most relevant and valuable pieces. In addition, when buyers are overwhelmed by what they read online, they move through information faster, even missing highly-relevant content that would support selecting the best fit for their unique needs.

Understanding Your Buyers

What I love about working with B2B clients is that through conversations, we learn about their challenges in driving demand for their products while also learning about their challenges in finding the right vendors to support their business. As a result, we enjoy the benefit of insights from both sides of the puzzle. The answer to their demand generation challenges is often visible in how vendors engage them. Is their engagement an informed, personalized, curated experience? If not, perhaps they don’t know you well enough. Instead of jumping headlong into generative AI, wouldn’t investing energy into knowing your buyers make sense?

By using machine learning to understand your prospects and customers better, you stand out because you are more relevant and precise rather than just blowing out content because you can. Machine learning helps you rapidly analyze customer data and gain valuable insights into the what, when, where, how, and by whom to engage.

Beyond Generative AI

personality questionaireAn equally important key, however, lies in execution. We’ve already talked about content overload and how it results in consumption fatigue – leading buyers to prioritize human interactions over digital and curated experiences over random search results. And, if you have yet to optimize marketing to include account-based execution, you will feel the pain. But all is not lost, as this is where machine learning shines. It empowers you to deliver hyper-personalized engagement and ABM execution at scale.

Arming yourself with customer knowledge and insights goes beyond the hyper-personalization of content. It also supports biz dev match-making by aligning the right seller personalities with the buying committee members, offering signals into cognitive decision-making styles, and prioritizing opportunities by understanding a buyer’s openness to the perceived risk of change.

In Summary

While generative AI like ChatGPT is innovative and exciting, it will lead to content glut and fatigue. However, by tempering its use with thoughtful strategy, insights gained from machine learning (being data-driven), and proper execution strategies, you will achieve the technology benefits you seek without contributing to the problem.

Tracy Thayne

Tracy Thayne

Tracy is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Digital Exhaust. He has a passion for helping viable organizations achieve healthy, sustainable growth. Tracy believes that as access to critical capabilities like ML, AI, Web3, and Blockchain becomes more affordable and friendly, organizations with sound growth strategies will have much greater odds of achieving long-term success.

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