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Digital Exhaust

Over the last 30 plus years of working with some of the world’s most influential brands, we’ve learned a thing or two. Most importantly, we know the secret to sustained business growth.

Your Business Growth Powered by Your Data & Enabled by AI.

Our Why

We believe that growth is a state of being, not just a goal to be achieved. When people are in a state of growth, they are open to new ideas, willing to take risks, and always learning. At Digital Exhaust, we are passionate about making growth accessible to every viable business, no matter its size or state.

We offer decades of proven experience across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service – the three horsemen of business – to help you achieve sustained, healthy growth.

We help you learn about your buyers and customers – their needs and interests – in a matter of days, not months. We use these insights to enable personalized engagement at scale, freeing up your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Digital Exhaust’s value to you is clear. You grow faster and dramatically reduce your costs, while expediting the time to value.

Our Leadership Team

Carlos Hidalgo

Carlos Hidalgo

CEO & Co-Founder

Carlos is a co-founder and CEO of Digital Exhaust a data driven, AI enabled agency. Hidalgo is also a two-time author, Executive Advisor and a TEDx and international keynote speaker.Over the span of the last 30 years, Hidalgo has held corporate roles, started his own entrepreneurial ventures, led his company to multiple Inc 5000 awards and served in non-profits.

Tracy Thayne

Tracy Thayne

CSO & Co-Founder

Tracy is a pioneer of the modern age of digital marketing. He is a master of strategy and a life-long innovator. His extensive career has traversed the client and agency realms with time spent at HP, Schneider Electric, McCann, and Omnicom. Always leaning in on his passion for technology, his current obsessions are AI, Web 3, blockchain, and crypto. His most prized professional achievements, however, are the marketing superstars he had the privalege to mentor.

Rob MacKay

Rob MacKay


Robert’s passion lies in crafting successful products through cutting-edge technology. His extensive portfolio includes projects in communications, healthcare, supply chain, and emergency management, all focused on delivering solutions on time and within budget.

Over the past two decades, Robert has held key technology leadership roles, steering teams in the education and financial services sectors. He designed machine learning pipelines and data solutions to enhance data quality for a prominent Utah-based healthcare company. Previously, he automated surgery supply chains, introducing a just-in-time approach to surgical supplies.

Travis Clemens

Travis Clemens

Head of MarTech

For nearly 15 years Travis has helped organizations transform their marketing systems into optimized, results-driven channels. A student of best practices and optimization methodology, Travis has developed a formula that leads to repeatable value at every stage of the buyer journey. He has earned certifications in Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot and Salesforce, and has worked in nearly every major demand gen platform. He has a gift for technology and is not afraid to dive in, learn new things, and apply his knowledge to the ever-changing world of MarTech.

Sandi Terry-Renden

Sandi Terry-Renden

CMO Advisor

Sandi has worked and lived on three continents, conducting programs for BtoC and BtoB companies. She is experienced in the entertainment, high-tech, and manufacturing fields. Her can-do attitude and creativity have led to successful partner and customer advocacy programs, cultural change initiatives, cost-saving measures, and revenue-generating activities.

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